1. buy frozen cranberries

    Cranberries: A Tangy Twist to the Christmas Countdown

    As Christmas approaches, countries worldwide transform into a wonderland of festive flavours and culinary delights. One ingredient that plays a significant role in this merry journey is the humble cranberry. Whether it's cranberry sauce alongside a traditional roast dinner, these vibrant red berries bring a tangy twist to the holiday season. In this blog post, we'll explore the versatile use of cranberries in the run-up to Christmas.

    Cranberries in Christmas Decor


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  2. buy british frozen raspberries

    Exploring the versatility of frozen raspberries

    When it comes to enhancing your culinary creations, high-quality frozen fruit is a game-changer. Among the wide range of options, frozen raspberries stand out as a versatile ingredient that can elevate your home cooking in numerous ways. In this article, we'll delve into the many ways you can use the best frozen fruit, especially frozen raspberries, to infuse your dishes with delightful flavours and vibrant colours.

    Breakfast Bliss: Start your day with a burst of berry goodness by adding...

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  3. Victoria sponge cake with homemade strawberry jam

    Our favourite Victoria sponge cake recipe with homemade strawberry jam

    The Great British Bake Off is back for 2022 and here at British Frozen Fruits, we are delighted to see a new set of bakers on our screens every week for the next couple of months. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished baker, we think that GBBO is a great programme to inspire us all in the kitchen.

    Today we're celebrating cake week and all things sponge with our all-time favourite cake - a classic Victoria sponge with a delicious strawberry jam, made from frozen...

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  4. Blackcurrant Harvest Season at British Frozen Fruits

    Blackcurrant Harvest Season at British Frozen Fruits

    If you didn't know already, July marked the beginning of blackcurrant season in the UK and we have been really busy in recent weeks at British Frozen Fruits harvesting our tasty organic blackcurrants on our South Herefordshire farm. Blackcurrant season is short and sweet so our strong, fruity, and slightly tart berries are best picked throughout July when they are at their peak sweetness and optimum ripeness.

    The Harvesting Process

    Due to the volume of organic blackcurrants that...

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  5. Tropical Frozen Fruit Yoghurt

    Cool down this summer with British Frozen Fruits

    Summer is finally here! With recent soaring temperatures across the UK and the school holidays in full swing, we have put together some of our favourite recipes using frozen fruit which are all great for helping you cool down on a beautiful summer’s day. Enjoy making and eating these amazing recipes as a family to enjoy or use them as a way to wow your friends with a cold fruity dessert at your next BBQ.

    Super Quick Tropical Frozen Fruit Yoghurt

    A tasty alternative to ice cream...

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  6. Strawberry Jam

    It’s strawberry season - time to make some strawberry jam!

    It’s strawberry season, and what better way to celebrate the first signs of summer than by sharing our favourite strawberry jam recipe? Making your own jam is relatively quick and easy (even for the not so confident of cooks!), so if you have a spare half an hour this week, why not give it a go? We are confident that after making your own homemade jam, you won’t ever want to buy jam from the supermarket again! This strawberry jam is bursting with flavour, making it the perfect addition on your toast...

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  7. Pam The Jam Book Cover

    A Well Preserved Christmas - Guest Blog by Pam the Jam

    Guest Blog by Pam The Jam

    With the jingle of Santa’s sleigh bells in the distance, and with little fresh fruit available customarily December, isn’t the month to make preserves. However, with the festive season just around the corner it’s a perfect time to indulge in, and celebrate these jars of joy. For generations past, and very much with a heartfelt ‘waste not, want not’ approach to life these valuable stalwarts of...

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  8. The best homemade sauces for roast dinners

    The best homemade sauces for roast dinners

    Is there really anything better than a roast dinner with the family on a cold Sunday afternoon? We have put together some recipes below for some of our favourite fruit sauces using our frozen fruits that will make the perfect accompaniment to your roast dinner! 

    Apple Sauce

    Our apple sauce recipe is so quick and easy to make, even for the most inexperienced chefs and it is made with only 3 ingredients. We think it goes really well with pork - you’ll never want to buy shop bought...

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  9. A bowl of porridge, topped with frozen raspberries

    Fruit Porridge Recipes Perfect For Porridge Season

    With autumn well and truly here, temperatures dropping and the wetter weather incoming, what better way to warm up your morning than with a bowl of tasty porridge for breakfast? Once you have mastered our simple, quick and easy recipe, you will be all set to create your own variety of delicious porridge bowls by adding an assortment of different frozen fruits and other tasty toppings - the options are endless!

    Basic Porridge Recipe

    Serves 2...

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  10. Blackcurrant Tart with French Flan Pastry

    Blackcurrant Tart with French Flan Pastry

    This fruit tart is one of our favourites for dinner parties, or as a summer treat - your guests will always want to come back for more! By buying and using frozen fruit you aren't relying on seasonality in order to use your favourite British fruits, so you can bake with summer berries year round.

    Blackcurrant Tart with French Flan Pastry


    French Flan Pastry (For a 7inch diameter flan tin):

    • 4oz flour
    • 2oz butter (cold and cubed)...
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