Chuckleberries FAQ's

What are chuckleberries?

Chuckleberries are an exciting hybrid fruit holding a sweet yet sharp and vibrant taste. They are a mix of a redcurrant, gooseberry and jostaberry (a jostaberry already being a hybrid of a gooseberry and blackcurrant!), giving them a really large flavour profile.

Can you use chuckleberries for jam?

Chuckleberries are a really flavourful and vibrant fruit, making them a perfect choice for jam making. The best thing about using our frozen chuckleberries for jam is that they don’t need defrosting beforehand! Excite your taste buds by using chuckleberry jam on toast, in your next victoria sponge or on scones - enjoy!

What else can chuckleberries be used for?

Chuckleberries can be used to make all sorts of tasty recipes! One of our favourites is a chuckleberry fool which is fruity, creamy and an all round delight! Chuckleberries are also a great fruit for infusing gin.

What do chuckleberries look like?

A chuckleberry looks very similar to a blackcurrant in the fact that it is small, round and of a dark

When are chuckleberries in season?

In the UK, chuckleberries are usually ready to be picked in the summer months. At British Frozen Fruits, we freeze our chuckleberries at their optimal ripeness, meaning that our customers can enjoy our chuckleberries all year round!