Seville Oranges FAQ's

What is the difference between Seville Oranges and normal Oranges?

Seville Oranges, also known as bitter orange, are a large orange with an almost baggy skin which are grown specifically in Seville, Spain. They are aromatic and have a distinctive bitter and sour taste. Unlike your everyday Orange, you cannot eat a Seville Orange raw.

When are Seville Oranges in season?

Seville Oranges are in season from the end of December through to mid-February, this is why you often see your local supermarket full with them in January. By buying your Seville Oranges frozen you have the availability year-round and they are still perfect for cooking.

How to use Seville Oranges?

Seville oranges are perfect for cooking and are most popularly used for making marmalade, due to their higher pectin levels and bitter flavour. They are also delicious when infused with your favourite spirit, such as Gin, to make homemade liquor. You can use the peel in marmalade, but it is also fantastic for making candied orange to use as decoration in your baking.

Why are Seville Oranges so good for making marmalade?

Seville Oranges naturally have a higher level of pectin, which is what makes the marmalade set so well.

Can you eat Seville Oranges raw?

Unfortunately not, due to their strong bitter flavour profile and texture. So although they may smell delicious they are much better suited for cooking and baking - where you can use every part of this bitter orange.

Can you freeze Seville Oranges?

Yes, you can. We freeze our Seville Oranges at their optimum ripeness, so you can have this quality marmalade ingredient all year round.