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Blackcurrants FAQ's

Are blackcurrants good for you?

Blackcurrants, also known as black currants are an excellent source of vitamin C and fibre. We freeze our blackcurrants as quickly as possible once they’ve been harvested at optimum ripeness.

Can you eat raw blackcurrants?

Of course, you can eat raw blackcurrants, we would recommend defrosting them if you’re using them for snacking though. They also work great in baking and cooking straight from frozen!

What pairs well with blackcurrants?

Blackcurrants work amazingly well with many other summer fruits such as raspberries, redcurrants, and blackberries, in many ice creams, crumbles, porridges, or infused in your favourite spirit.

Outside of other fruits, blackcurrants work well when paired with chocolate, or as a dressing with duck, pork, or venison.

Can you use frozen blackcurrants for jam?

Frozen blackcurrants are perfect for jam, not only do they provide a delicious flavour, but as we freeze our blackcurrants as soon as they have been harvested, during the peak of their short season, you can make high-quality jam at any time of the year.

What are the health benefits of blackcurrants?

Our frozen blackcurrants contain 3.6g of fibre per 100g serving*. This is around 12% of your recommended daily fibre intake. They also contain 200mg of vitamin C per 100g serving* - making them a top choice for getting this important nutrient into your daily diet.

*McCance and Widdowson’s - The Composition of Food Integrated Dataset (CoFID)