We are delighted when our customers take time to send us a note of thanks so thought we would share some of kind comments we have received directly from customers –

"Received my first order today and just wanted to say how impressed I am with the whole operation, from the website through to the packaging and delivery. Well done"

David, February 2021

"I got my damsons today, as ordered. Still frozen and lovely quality! Thank you!"

Mairian, January 2021

"Thrilled with the quality of your organic blackcurrants which arrived safely and still completely frozen earlier today. Have high hopes for the best blackcurrant compote with your quality organic blackcurrants."

Samantha, January 2021

"My delivery arrived as requested, thank you. Excellent service and super-looking fruit. I shall definitely use you again!"

Heather, January 2021

"Damson jam and marmalade made. Your fruit worked wonderfully, and the results are great."

David, December 2020

"I have just received my order from you in perfect condition and still frozen. I just had to email you to say thank you and that the quality is excellent. I always freeze some Seville oranges in January to make at this time of year but the oranges I have just received are a far superior quality. My marmalade that I make for Church will be well received this year. Once again thank you so much"

Catherine, November 2020

"My Seville oranges have just arrived. I am amazed at how well they were packed and they were still deeply frozen. Thank you!"

Jackie, November 2020

"I just wanted to thank you for the Seville oranges - they arrived perfectly packaged and frozen. I am of course, ordering more fruit for my OCD jam making and pickling sessions!! Thank you for real quality in your whole approach; it is truly appreciated."

Philippa, September 2020

"My order of frozen seville oranges arrived this morning beautifully packed and in excellent condition. I am very impressed with your efficiency."

Chris, August 2020

"Thank you so much for such a prompt delivery, which arrived this afternoon in excellent condition, as was the case last time we ordered from you. May I tell you how delighted we are to have found you as a source of our berries which we take each morning for breakfast. We plan to remain regular customers."

Moira, July 2020

"I received my fruits today in a perfect condition. thank you very much."

Alicja, July 2020

"I have ordered from you quite a few times over the past six months or so and just wanted to email and say how good the service has been and also the quality of the fruit/berries. It has been great to get UK grown berries in quantity and to have them to eat consistently. So much better than the alternative of expensive imported berries with lots of packaging waste and often huge air/food mileage. I always praise your products and service to others and hope that you continue to thrive as a business and growers."

Brian, June 2020

"Today I received my first delivery of seville oranges which I am absolutely delighted with. A first class service with excellent frozen fruit. Thank you."

Simon, May 2020

"Thank you for the delivery of your excellent fruit. We discovered you in the lockdown and we hope to keep ordering from you."

Wendy, May 2020

"Thank you, delighted. The fruit arrived beautifully frozen and the quality is so good. Will make a small batch of mixed berry jam and our breakfasts will be special with the rest. Many thanks for such good service at this difficult time."

Monica, April 2020

"Thanks so much for sending me the blackberries. They are amazing. Wonderful product. So sweet and lovely."

Andrew, April 2020

"I just wanted to say how much we love your fruit! I have been struggling to get my supermarket delivery slots due to the current situation and so needed to find things elsewhere. It’s been an interesting experience and I have found lots of lovely new things to try. Rather glad I have as your fruit is so much nicer! Absolutely delicious and delivery quick and easy. Think we will be ordering from you permanently now."

Rachel, April 2020

"Thank you for the fabluous frozen fruit which arrived today, wonderfully packaged and of such a high quality. I’m so pleased we found you on the internet and look forward to continuing to order from you. There are six of us here hunkered down and spirits are high with the prospect of a day of mango mayhem!"

William, April 2020

"I just wanted to let you know that my fruit delivery arrived this morning, this is the first time I have placed an order with you and I am incredibly pleased by the quality of the fruit. I will definitely be ordering again."

Amy, April 2020

"Thank you so much for our delivery, thrilled with the fruit, best ever, and beautifully packaged, customer for life."

Jane, March 2020

"Thank you for the excellent service on my order which arrived this morning, still beautifully frozen! Good wishes to you and your team through this difficult time"

Gillian, March 2020

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order of Blackcurrants. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the fruit and look forward to turning them into jam for my next charity fundraiser"

Ruth, March 2020

"The information you provided is really useful. Much appreciated. By the way... I’ve recently used your chuckleberries in a beer… they were excellent!"

Andy, March 2020

"I received my order of blackcurrants last week and wanted to commend the service and quality of the fruit. It was beautifully packaged, arrived on time and I will be ordering again and wish I'd known about you sooner!"

Helen, February 2020

"I never review but their fruit is perfection. I recently bought 12kg for my freezer. I love the fact that it’s fresh frozen and my family and friends can have fresh fruit all winter. Black currants are my favourite so juicy and crammed with vitamin c and antioxidants. I make pies, jams, crumbles. Fruit is so juicy you can defrost and use as an ice cream fruit topper or to top cheesecake. Absolutely yummy. ???????????????????? 5-star company."

Andrea, February 2020

"I have just taken delivery of your frozen rhubarb and it is really terrific. Thank you."

Janet, Febraury 2020

"Saturday delivery is a great option, especially for those who are at work during the week (like me) so it guarantees I'll be around to put the fruit straight into the freezer."

Amelia, January 2020

"Will definitely be ordering on a regular basis from now on, it's so convenient."

Alice, January 2020

"Fruit, delivery and service all excellent.. Thank you!!"

Harry, December 2019

"I have been purchasing the blackcurrants because of their excellent health benefits, I eat a small amount everyday and have been very happy with the level of service I've received."

Dot, November 2019

"Our British Blackcurrants arrived today, ordered two days ago, added to 1kg sugar, cooked when set stage reached, added a tipple of port, personal tastes. And now we have perfection, British Blackcurrant Jam/Conserve. Thank you for the amazing British Blackcurrants which created moment of culinary perfection.."

Michael & Margaret, October 2019

"I use the Summer Fruits mix in a smoothie with frozen banana - its so simple and delicious."

Lucy, October 2019

"For years I have found it so difficult to source small quantities of blackcurrants for making jam/having with breakfast so I'm thrilled that I can purchase them from you."

Janet, September 2019

"So happy that I can get a variety of British frozen fruit delivered to my door "

Finn, August 2019

"I have been buying my frozen fruit from the Supermarket, but having discovered your website I will never buy from the Supermarket again - you are such great quality!"

Elizabeth, July 2019

"Just received my delivery, very convenient that I can choose a delivery date so I can be in."

John, July 2019

"Excellent produce which has allowed me to make jam all year round!"

Matilda, June 2019

"I have been extremely pleased with my first few orders from British Frozen Fruits, the quality of the fruit is great and the deliveries have arrived on time. "

Daniel, May 2019

"As a preserve maker I have always found your fruit to be top quality and very useful to have a year round supply, for when fruits are out of season. Delivery is always on time and staff very helpful if I phone with a query."

Melissa, April 2019

"The new website has made a massive difference to me as a small business. I can pick the exact day I need my fruit delivered and now get free delivery and a bulk discount. It's the same great product but a lower price. I don't use anyone else for my frozen English fruit."

Nikki, January 2019

"First class products always arrive quickly and in perfect condition to this very satisfied customer."

Patricia, January 2019

"I have just recieved my order of fruit and wanted to say a big thank you. It looks top quality, beautifully packed in sizes that are so convenient for a small jam maker like me. I probably make 3,000 pots every year to sell to raise money for various charities plus a little for me! Not only is the produce perfect but it arrived exactly when due. Many many thanks."

Annie, October 2018




"We have been using British Frozen Fruits for many years. Their consistency both in the quality of the fruit and the delivery has been extremely helpful in allowing us to make the best ice cream possible 52 weeks a year."

Ben, October 2018.

"I am really pleased with the quality of the fruit and also the condition it arrives in. The fruit has made some great jam so far and knowing that it doesn't cost too much for delivery I'll definitely be placing some regular orders. Thanks for all your help and assistance."

Graeme, September 2018.

“Your blackcurrants have arrived safely on time and after a 2-day journey from England to Southern Ireland they are still frozen! Amazing! Thank you so much for your Company’s care and diligence in packing them so well with dry ice. I have been buying them from you for the past 4 years as part of my health plan recovery and have them 3 times a day. I would not miss a day so you sending them here has been fantastic! We are here until the end of August and cannot get organic blackcurrants so I am delighted! Thank you so much for organising it all.”

Rosemary, July 2018.

“Just received my delivery of Blackcurrants – arrived first thing – smiley delivery man, beautifully boxes, absolutely delicious! Thank you!”

Gill, July 2018.

“I have today received my recently placed order and was very pleased with the speed of delivery and quality of the packaging.”

Veronica, July 2018.

 “Wow, what a great business you run. I just received my shipment in pristine shape, exactly as expected and it looks delicious. I will be back!”

Robin, June 2018.

“I really enjoy your products. I tried a rival last week and although this may sound a bit 'cheesy’ they really were not in the same league as yours!”

Ken, June 2018.