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  1. £13.50

    Our Frozen Banana Slices are perfect for adding to your smoothies, ice cream, or any other baked goods. Plus, you have the comfort of knowing you will have the perfectly ripe Banana whenever you need it.

    These Banana Slices are sliced and frozen to maintain their quality and to allow you to minimise waste when baking as you will only ever use the exact amount you need.

    Buy any 4 or more bulk boxes (10/12/13/15kg) and save 5% (discount applied at checkout).

  2. £14.00

    Quality Organic Seville Oranges from famous traditional orchards renowned for growing the best bitter oranges.

    Organic, unwaxed, and purchased directly from Seville, Spain during their peak season, these oranges have the optimum pectin levels for making excellent marmalade. They are quickly frozen and packed ready for you to enjoy whenever you please - no matter the season.

    Buy any 4 or more bulk boxes (10/12/13/15kg) and save 5% (discount applied at checkout).

  3. £12.50

    Cranberries are a superfood, rich in healthy vitamins and plant compounds, this tart fruit is perfect for both festive and year-round cooking, and stands out in both sweet and savoury recipes. How about you try making your own cranberry sauce for your next roast dinner, or add them to your next batch of cookies?

    These Cranberries are harvested at the peak of their season and then quickly frozen so you can enjoy them whenever you'd like.

    Buy any 4 or more bulk boxes (10/12/13/15kg) and save 5% (discount applied at checkout) .

  4. £39.50

    Our 10kg Frozen Diced Apricots are a great addition to your freezer, with their sweet but tart flavour. They are perfect for creating a tasty apricot smoothie, making apricot jam, or in any other desserts.

    We've diced our apricots and frozen them quickly to ensure they are of the highest quality for you to enjoy at any time of the year.

    Buy any 4 or more Frozen Apricot, or other bulk boxes online (10/12/13/15kg) and save 5% (discount applied at checkout).

4 Items results

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