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    Our British Damsons, still have the stone in, and look like small blue-black plums. They have a tart, slightly sour flavour and are a hit when used to make preserves, damson jam or damson gin.

    We freeze the UK-grown Damsons so you can use them any time of the year and receive the same quality fruit.

    Buy any 4 or more Frozen Damsons, or other bulk boxes online (10/12/13/15kg) and save 5% (discount applied at checkout).

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    These British Plum Halves are halved and destoned* and are a great choice for making jam, crumbles, baked goods, or even poached with some mild spices. You could also try to infuse them in your favourite spirit.

    Our UK-Grown Plum Halves are frozen so you can use them in your baking at any time of the year, whilst still having quality British fruit.

    *Note we cannot guarantee complete removal of stone and stone fragments*

    Buy any 4 or more bulk boxes (10/12/13/15kg) and save 5% (discount applied at checkout).

2 Items results

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